Mr. Zaccheo - Pioneer High School (Room 301)                      

NOTICE: This year I will be using Google Classroom for announcements, posting of links and handouts, etc.  Please click on the link to the individual class above to get the link to the google classroom site.  Remember: you must use your SJUSD Google account to accesss the Google classroom sites!

Contact Information:       School Phone #: (408) 535-6310        

Hello students and parents!  This is my website  for the 2016 - 2017 school year.  This year,  I will be teaching three different classes.   Here is my schedule:

Per. 1 - Biology Honors

Per. 2 - Biology Honors

Per. 3 - Biology Honors

Per. 4 - AP Biology

Per. 5 - Bio S.I.T.E.

Per. 6 - Prep (no class)

See below for an important announcement about this site.

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